New and Improved Organic Bird and Wasp Control

This year we installed row netting over all of our vines.   Most vineyards use bird netting applied over the individual rows and clipped underneath to keep the birds from devouring their wine grapes.  This is the method we've used in the past, however we take it a step further.

 A few weeks or so before harvest, when the grapes are sweet, wasps and bees are attracted to the grapes and fly through the larger bird netting.  If left alone they will devour a small vineyard.   Rather than using an insecticide to deter these buzzing bandits, we would lay insect netting over the bird netting and once again clip them at the bottom.  It was double work but the end result was spectacular fruit so I felt it was worth it.  

Last year I was visiting  a local vineyard  in the area and the owner had tied the ends of his individual row bird netting together, to make one large net, that he placed over the entire vineyard.  Besides keeping the birds out, this allowed him to walk under the netting and manage his fruit with ease.  Hmmm, I liked the concept but needed to also keep out the bees and wasps.

Searching the internet,  I found a company that sold bird/insect netting in large width's that I could place them over the rows.  It arrived last month and after some tinkering and calculations we were able to cover the entire vineyard.  I absolutely love this netting!!    It keeps out the birds, bees and wasps and now I can walk thru the vineyard inspecting the grapes as they ripen.  The best part, is that it's a 100% organic solution to pest management.

Vinbound Marketing