Malibu Ridge Vineyard

Organically Grown Using Biodynamic Principles


The goal of a sustainable farmed wine is not perfection,

but rather to truly and authentically reflect the character of a place,

variety and vintage, as well as the passion of the people who make it.

2012 Estate Cabernet SauvignoN

Made from grapes grown in Malibu, CA and aged for 19 months in 1 year old French Oak barrels. Richly expressive dark and juicy berry with deep caramel tones and subtle hints of chocolate, baking spices and boysenberry liquor.  

2012 Liberator - Boudreaux Blend

The inaugural 2011 release was hugely popular and gone within the first few weeks.  Made from a Boudreaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec  grapes grown in the Santa Monica Mountains, CA.  Aged in French Oak barrels for 23 months, it expresses rich aromas of deep cherry and pomegranate syrup. It’s supple and smooth mouth feel lingers with an intoxicating finish of sweet caramel, custard with a light cocoa finish.  

Dedicated to Sherry’s father, John Martyn, who passed away in November 2013 at age 91. A WWII veteran, John served in the South Pacific as a gunner on a B24 “Liberator” Bomber. Loving husband, father, brother and grandfather, his memory will live forever in our hearts.  




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